Stay seamlessly connected throughout your journey

Travelling soon? We have a wide range of international roaming options, from SIM cards, top-ups, data packs, to unlimited Wi-Fi passes. Shop now and find the perfect Sleek travel solution for your next trip!


Massive savings on international calls, texts and data

  • Calls from $0.20 per minute*
  • Prepaid, no lock-in contract
  • Texts from $0.15 per standard SMS*
  • 190+ countries and 600+ networks
  • Data from $0.15 per MB*
  • Expert Support via calls, chats, and emails
  • One phone number for all countries

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* Sleekworldsim only works in unlocked mobile phones and tablets. Prices are in USD.
** Data packs will only work with an active Sleekworldsim and expire 30 days after purchase.



Unlimited Wi-Fi in over 125 countries with 64+ million hotspots
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi on supported networks*
  • Simple registration and set up
  • Single sign-on: one account for all hotspots
  • Prepaid, no lock-in contract
  • Great coverage in major cities
  • Available in major airports, hotels, open and public Wi-Fi areas

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*When connected to a supported hotspot, Sleek provides unlimited usage. Sleek does not control the quality of the hotspot or guarantee the services

SOS Alerts

NEW! Real-time security intelligence for travel risk management
  • Stay up-to-date on incidents as they occur around the world
  • Automatically update your loved ones of your safety status
  • Nominate emergency contacts
  • Alerts sent direct to your phone
  • Customize messages for your contacts
  • Sharing alerts with friends and family

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The Sleek Philosophy

At Sleek Technologies, our goal is to make international roaming affordable and efficient. We strive to provide you with seamless connectivity when you travel and ensure the best customer support is available to address your needs. 

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