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At Sleek Technologies, we are passionate about travelling and understand the telecommunication challenges that the modern travellers often face. Our objective is to provide you with the best international connectivity solutions, enabling you to stay connected and alerted wherever you go.

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 Diverse roaming solutions

 Affordable prices

 Great savings

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International Connectivity Solutions

Sleek Bundle

Sleekworldsim and $5 USD credit for only $15 USD

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64+ million Wi-Fi hotspots in over 125 countries.

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SIM fits all mobile phones and tablets.

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Data Packs

Get a bundle based on your specific travel needs.

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Sleek Technologies: Your Essential Travel Companions

We believe international connectivity should not come with a hefty price tag. As the result, we are devoted to bringing you high-quality roaming solutions at affordable prices, providing access to massive savings so you can travel with the peace of mind.

Sleek Technologies is powered by United Networks Limited, a world-leading provider of mobile roaming solutions. This gives us access to 600+ carriers and 64+ million Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide, so you can stay connected throughout your entire journey.